64 SS

64 SS
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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cycle Frame repairs

                                   Tweaked! Wadded the F Up.

                                    That one hurt!

                                            Pulling back to true.
Occasionally I can straighten the newer aluminum frame bike's. Depends on severity of the damage. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Other shops said this Commercial Vehicle was too big & difficult to repair. And it wouldn't fit in their paint booth. ABS said: I can get you in, no problem!

His Yelp Review 3/18/2023
I purchased a used van with some body damage.  I had taken it to 4 previous body shops and none of them would work on my van due to not having a paint booth high enough for the van. Two of the shops initially agreed to do the work, but turned me away when I came to leave the vehicle, costing me several weeks in delays.

Aaron was recommended to me by a friend. I took the van to his shop and he spent some time reviewing the damage and said he would do it but it would take a few weeks.  

I dropped the van off in December and picked it up in January.  Aaron sent some pictures while the fix was happening to show the progress.  When I  picked it up, it was perfect! Aaron even did a little extra by fixing a dent in the C pillar and called it a BOGO, unheard of these days! Thank you, Aaron!

I highly recommend Aaron's body shop. Aaron does quality work at reasonable prices.



Monday, February 28, 2022

The other guys claim to be all that. 30 years in the game, I'm not seeing it!

 Been a minute since I've done any custom/restoration work. Inflation with paint & materials have driven costs thru the roof!     


Friday, November 19, 2021

Honda CR500AF Part Out !

  Parts on this bike are For Sale, not on sale! 

1997 CR500 Motor. Eric Gorr Ported/Bored Mo Better Porting. 90mm Bore Wiseco Piston. Balanced Crank. Barnett Dirt Digger Clutch Kit, Hinson Billet Clutch Basket. New Stator assembly & CDI Ignition Module/ Coil. Boyesen Rad Valve. 39mm PWK Keihin Air Striker Carb. Legit 70HP High Compression Motor, runs on race fuel. Comes with new rebuild parts. *SOLD*

CR/CRF 46mm KYB Forks & Shock. Pro Action, Pro Valving race build, Sub tanks. Just Rebuilt, comes with extra spring's. *SOLD*
 1997Cr500 Front brake assmy $150  97 Cr500 rear brake assmy $125

00-07 CR/CRF SDG Tall Firm Seat SOLD 

Red Black seat goes with chassis *SOLD*
CR500AF Custom Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe & 304 Silencer *SOLD*

 CR500AF Frame (Bike) Fabricated from a 04 Cr125 to shoehorn the 500 motor in chassis By a Master Fabricator. The ABS Limited Edition. Service Honda Clone. They only made 20 of them. 
  Applied Billet Triple Clamps.   Custom made 500AF Radiators,   500AF Head stay brackets,   500AF Air Box & Uni air Filter.  Swing arm, rear brake assmy, rear axle.  Comes with Gas Tank, Seat & all Plastic.
Will sell frame & suspension as a package deal. With front axle & Brake assembly 

02-07 CR Works Connection Radiator Braces *SOLD*
97 Cr500 46mm KYB fork parts *SOLD*

                            Joker Machine Billet gas cap SOLD 

New & Used Throttle & Clutch Cables $10 to $ 15
     Cr500 Boyesen clutch cover $75  Cr500 stock clutch cover $50 Cr500 stock ignition cover *SOLD* Cr/Crf Devol rear disk guard $25 Used CR Uni&Twin Air air filters*SOLD*  Oem Cr/Crf triple clamp set $25
CRF/CR front brake rotors $50 each
CR500 rear brake rotor $50
   97 Cr500 rear axle $45  Cr/Crf rear chain guide $45  Cr/Crf chain sprockets $45 to $20  Silencer repacking new $25 to $10  Number plate number's all sizes $5 set   New rear wheel rim 2.75 lock $15 each  Okkley tear offs packs large & small $5 each  
Clutch perches & levers $5 to $25 Pro Perche & Levers $45
Brake Levers SOLD
Topar CR/CRF Billet Case Saver SOLD
97 CR500 Rear Brake Lever $50

Works Connection Billet Pro Perches with Levers
ASV Clutch Levers & Others
$100 to $45
Cr500 used CDI ignition module #30401-ML3-791 SOLD OUT  Cr500 used good coils SOLD 
Used Cr500 stator parts SOLD OUT
                         Keihin Air Mixture Thumb  Screw $30.00
                        Keihin Carb Main & Pilot Jets all sizes $5.00

                  CR500 owners & service manuals $ 75.00    

Cr500 used stock reed cage & boot $50    2 stroke Pro Taper Roller Bearing Alum Throttle tube SOLD  02-07 Cr air filter cage $25     Cr/Crf Front Wheel *SOLD*     Cr/Crf Front brake assmy *SOLD*       Cr500 Throttle assmy $40    1 1/8" Original Pro Taper Bars Ricky Johnson bend SOLD
 New 90-01 CR500 Barnett dirt digger clutch kit *SOLD*
       Torco GP7 synthetic 2 stroke oil Gal $70 each  Bel Ray H1R synthetic 2 stroke oil Qts $15 each   Polaris fogging oil cans $5 each  Keihin carb jets all sizes mains & pilot call for price ! 

Selling my Bullet Proof White Brothers rear wheel fits 02 to current model Crf/Cr, comes with wheel bearing kit to switch it too run on old CR500's or 250's/125. $600
Talon Hub Gold oversized bearings. The bearings don't have many hours on them.
Excel Tagasago Rim! Black.
Bulldog Stainless Spokes!
Spline drive Alum nipples!
I have the matching front 21' wheel also for $500 more, $1100 for the set.
These are by far the best wheel's money can buy for motocross/supercross. 
                            Money Talk's, Bullsh!t Walk's
RG3 Gen 2, 4-Post Upper Billet Triple Clamp. For 1 1/8'    Handlebars. Rubber mounted.
Fits all CR/CRF 46 to 49mm fork bikes with stock 24mm offset.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Clipped Em', Lady flipped a U turn in front of you, couldn't stop ? No problem. I do it all, including insurance claim assistance !

Clipped !

His Google Review--- My Ford F-150 was damaged in an accident. It was an insurance claim, and I wanted to use a local business. The repairs were completed in a reasonable amount of time. Aaron restored my truck with Ford manufactured parts, using Ford's price match guarantee program. I certainly didn't expect to get my truck back with factory parts in an insurance claim. Awesome! Aaron is professional and easy-going, his workmanship is impeccable.!


Sunday, April 12, 2020

ABS is open for Autobody & Cycle needs !

2020 catalogs are in, including parts for the new Indians. 
Parts for all American V Twins.  

Friday, February 15, 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dents look bad ?

I have the wherewithal to fix really big dents !

That's what real  Bodymen do !