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64 SS
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Friday, November 19, 2021

Honda CR500AF Part Out !

  Parts on this bike are For Sale, not on sale! 

1997 CR500 Motor. Eric Gorr Ported/Bored Mo Better Porting. 90mm Bore Wiseco Piston. Balanced Crank. Barnett Dirt Digger Clutch Kit, Hinson Billet Clutch Basket. New Stator assembly & CDI Ignition Module/ Coil. Boyesen Rad Valve. 39mm PWK Keihin Air Striker Carb. Legit 70HP High Compression Motor, runs on race fuel. Comes with new rebuild parts. *SOLD*

CR/CRF 46mm KYB Forks & Shock. Pro Action, Pro Valving race build, Sub tanks. Just Rebuilt, comes with extra spring's. *SOLD*
 1997Cr500 Front brake assmy $150  97 Cr500 rear brake assmy $125

00-07 CR/CRF SDG Tall Firm Seat SOLD 

Red Black seat goes with chassis *SOLD*
CR500AF Custom Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe & 304 Silencer *SOLD*

 CR500AF Frame (Bike) Fabricated from a 04 Cr125 to shoehorn the 500 motor in chassis By a Master Fabricator. The ABS Limited Edition. Service Honda Clone. They only made 20 of them. 
  Applied Billet Triple Clamps.   Custom made 500AF Radiators,   500AF Head stay brackets,   500AF Air Box & Uni air Filter.  Swing arm, rear brake assmy, rear axle.  Comes with Gas Tank, Seat & all Plastic.
Will sell frame & suspension as a package deal. With front axle & Brake assembly 

02-07 CR Works Connection Radiator Braces *SOLD*
97 Cr500 46mm KYB fork parts *SOLD*

                            Joker Machine Billet gas cap SOLD 

New & Used Throttle & Clutch Cables $10 to $ 15
     Cr500 Boyesen clutch cover $75  Cr500 stock clutch cover $50 Cr500 stock ignition cover *SOLD* Cr/Crf Devol rear disk guard $25 Used CR Uni&Twin Air air filters*SOLD*  Oem Cr/Crf triple clamp set $25
CRF/CR front brake rotors $50 each
CR500 rear brake rotor $50
   97 Cr500 rear axle $45  Cr/Crf rear chain guide $45  Cr/Crf chain sprockets $45 to $20  Silencer repacking new $25 to $10  Number plate number's all sizes $5 set   New rear wheel rim 2.75 lock $15 each  Okkley tear offs packs large & small $5 each  
Clutch perches & levers $5 to $25 Pro Perche & Levers $45
Brake Levers SOLD
Topar CR/CRF Billet Case Saver SOLD
97 CR500 Rear Brake Lever $50

Works Connection Billet Pro Perches with Levers
ASV Clutch Levers & Others
$100 to $45
Cr500 used CDI ignition module #30401-ML3-791 SOLD OUT  Cr500 used good coils SOLD 
Used Cr500 stator parts SOLD OUT
                         Keihin Air Mixture Thumb  Screw $30.00
                        Keihin Carb Main & Pilot Jets all sizes $5.00

                  CR500 owners & service manuals $ 75.00    

Cr500 used stock reed cage & boot $50    2 stroke Pro Taper Roller Bearing Alum Throttle tube SOLD  02-07 Cr air filter cage $25     Cr/Crf Front Wheel *SOLD*     Cr/Crf Front brake assmy *SOLD*       Cr500 Throttle assmy $40    1 1/8" Original Pro Taper Bars Ricky Johnson bend SOLD
 New 90-01 CR500 Barnett dirt digger clutch kit *SOLD*
       Torco GP7 synthetic 2 stroke oil Gal $70 each  Bel Ray H1R synthetic 2 stroke oil Qts $15 each   Polaris fogging oil cans $5 each  Keihin carb jets all sizes mains & pilot call for price ! 

Selling my Bullet Proof White Brothers rear wheel fits 02 to current model Crf/Cr, comes with wheel bearing kit to switch it too run on old CR500's or 250's/125. $600
Talon Hub Gold oversized bearings. The bearings don't have many hours on them.
Excel Tagasago Rim! Black.
Bulldog Stainless Spokes!
Spline drive Alum nipples!
I have the matching front 21' wheel also for $500 more, $1100 for the set.
These are by far the best wheel's money can buy for motocross/supercross. 
                            Money Talk's, Bullsh!t Walk's
RG3 Gen 2, 4-Post Upper Billet Triple Clamp. For 1 1/8'    Handlebars. Rubber mounted.
Fits all CR/CRF 46 to 49mm fork bikes with stock 24mm offset.